Based on our many years of extensive experience, we could offer our potential Russian partners cooperation in the field of industrial and object construction, development of transport and leasing legislation and leasing programs, supply of equipment and vehicles, communications equipment and communications, project and structured finance, and others, important and interesting for Russian side projects.

Over the years, ISI Consult implemented a number of projects in various sectors, in particular:
    • Transport
    • Oil and gas complex
    • Energy
    • Iron and steel industry
    • Chemical and Petrochemical industry

Our Western partners and we are interested in long-term cooperation with Russian companies for purpose of development and joint implementation of grave projects in various sectors of industry and economy. Given Russia’s position as a reliable full partner for large Western European, and especially German companies, and taking into account the intention of Russia and the European Union on Russia’s accession to the WTO, we are confident in the success of our endeavors.