About us

Over 21 years extensive experience in providing consultancy services to governmental institutions and organisations, industrial and commercial private enterprises, banks and financial institutions in Western Europe and North America, targeting new and emerging markets in CIS.

Aim of ISI is the consultancy, planning, monitoring, co-ordination and implementation of public and private projects in domestic markets and abroad.

In globalized international competition today company perspectives are being new defined and realigned.

Exactly here we, with our professional knowledge and experience, are creating impetus and guidelines for new developments of our clients’ company strategies and setting with this wider perspectives and advantages to your company.

Our competences – including full-scale customer oriented consultancy, professional project planning and highly qualified project management – are building outstandingly good fundament for promptly and precisely recognition and evaluation of current market trends.

As a leading independent consulter, ISI has built its excellent reputation on the quality of its performances that can deliver results.

ISI’s permanent and free staffs includes business administrators, economists, financial experts, agronomists and engineers speaking Russian, English, German, French, experienced in market analysis and management.

Our senior management has the benefit of first-hand experience of economic re-forms in Russia and broad experience with sophisticated and institutional partners.

ISI employs people of high qualification and motivation, aiming to provide an international standard of consulting services

The unique experience and through knowledge of emerging markets business environment coupled with the most advanced consulting techniques let ISI provide its clients with highest value added services.

Our clients, employees and partners share our commitment to competence, quality and our entrepreneurial approach.

ISI is a successful specialist and solutions provider, operating principally within the fields of corporate consultancy.

We deliver our solutions also through a wide range of engineering and consulting services, using our global network of offices and partners.

Our engineering solutions will enable our customers to improve profitability of their operations, thereby improving their competitiveness and opening new markets.

At ISI we bring a global reach to our clients and partners worldwide with consistent performance in systems applications and fast-track project delivery.