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ISI combines the unsurpassed knowledge of the CIS markets with broad-based technical expertise to offer clients comprehensive and authoritative consulting services in all areas of business.










Our services are customised to individual client needs and can be provided as one-of or as a part of an ongoing relationship.


The unique experience and thorough knowledge of emerging markets business environment coupled with the most advanced consultancy techniques with highest value added services.


We offer a solution-focused consulting service. Our customised content and special research and analysis services are designed to meet your business specific needs. The solution we provide will enable you to successfully address existing and future issued affecting your organisation.


In the field of consulting ISI’s services comprise projects in the areas of structural adjustment programs, manufacturing reconversion, co-operation projects and trade between companies in countries through-over the world, including developing countries, new industrialising countries and industrialised countries.


Having access to local CIS sources of information and combining them with international standards of economic and financial analysis, ISI provides its clients with quality research of CIS companies and the industrial sectors in which they operate. ISI’s analysts go ‘on spot’ visiting listed CIS companies, their management and accounts officers. It is our objective to provide in-depth understanding and insight into climate of each company and their relative reliability.


We assist international companies desiring to enter Russian markets or having themselves established here. The procedural and legal compliances are numerous, despite the quickly opening up Russian economy. We structure professional teams, with external strategic partnerships, on case to case basis. The team would have ISI as an administrative and co-ordinating pivot and would include eminent lawyers, chartered accountants, government liaison officers, advertising consultants, and the like to assist an economical, smooth and highly efficient entry for business into Russia or CIS.

The external strategic teams ensure the availability of very competent professionals, at a reasonable cost.



In co-operation with well-known Western financial institutions, ISI has established mutually confident relationships and is reputed for its reliability as a ‘partner’ looking solely after its clients in CIS.


Our Services: 



» Project Management

» Project Engineering

» Project Logistics

» Project Financing

» Project Due Diligence

» Economic Co-operation












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